Watering Your Ficus Tree

Shades of living green give life to our indoors, which is why there are some who prefer to maintain indoor plants.  Ficus trees are good choices as they are small and easy to maintain.

How To Properly Water Your Ficus Tree

The ficus tree stands in between that it does not require much and should not be left too dry.  Weekly watering using water at room temperature is advised.  Continue watering up until it drains down the pot’s bottom, but this should be done intermittently to allow equal distribution in its soil.  Allow it to dry as you water to avoid over soaking.

Two indicators that show signs of improper watering are its leaves and root ball.  If leaves suddenly start dropping and they have turned yellow, it signifies a change in their watering frequency – either there is too much or less.  Soggy roots, on the other hand, are an indication that it is being soaked a little too much.  Dryness in the root area denote otherwise.

As you go along, you will get accustomed to the amount of water that your ficus tree needs.  This varies with the size of your plant, as well as the light and humidity levels in the room that they are in.

The indoor ficus tree is a common houseplant that belongs to the Ficus family.  This family includes a range of species that includes the weeping fig (Ficus benjamina), fiddle-leaf fig (Ficus lyrata), and rubber plant (Ficus elastica).  The houseplants are usually smaller than the outdoor variants, seemingly smaller versions of woody trees having trunks with a single or multiple stems.

Pruning your Ficus Tree

Pruning is necessary to maintain its ideal indoor size and for shaping of its crown.  It is advised to prune during the early spring or later in the winter before any new growth emerges.  These usually spring out from beneath the cuts that should be done above its branching stem or leaf node.  Cuts should also be made outside the branch’s collar to avoid causing damage to the trunk.  Pruning yearly will help build and maintain a fuller crown or canopy.  However, in cases of dead branches, these should be pruned anytime.

Sunlight and Water

It is important to place your indoor ficus tree near the window or any bright-lighted spot, most especially during the summers to get an ample amount of sunshine.  Periodic turns should be done as well to promote equal growth on all sides.  Watering is advised weekly during summers, and they should never be soaked or left too dry.