Make a Bonsai Ficus Tree

More and more bonsai enthusiasts attract the art each year which there are numerous beginners want to start with the bonsai ficus tree. You should know that it is not really that hard tto cultivate this type of miniature trees. Owners will find satisfaction in their work once they see a really great results in their work.

Among the most favorite in tthe art of “miniature bonsai” is the ficus tree because of it’s proven advantage compared to any other trees that are also excent to be a bonsai. Ficus is very easy growth manipulation however they are not health resilient as compared to any other trees.

It is important to start with a healthy ficus. Best advise and it’s a requisite. If you are having trouble knowing what’s healthy and not they you should seek help from your nursery staff. They will surely share a number of improtant tips and I’m sure you will learn a lot from them. They have tons of knowledge about different plants and they can recommend you about your ficus tree projects.You should talk those who are expert in the field and eventually you’ll be an expert to plants. It would bee a good start, isn’t it?

How to make a bonsai ficus tree

Here are the step on “How to make a Bonsai Ficus Tree”

1. You need to re-pot the new ficus tree in the right container. If you need a table ficus tree then choose a smaller container but if you want to put it as a decoration in a corner shelf then you should put it in a larger container. You need to keep in mind that the size of your ficus tree depends upon the size of your container and have a good decoration on your container. to make it more attractive to your entire furniture at home.

2. Get a proper fertilizer & watering is crucial their health. In the first day of your pot transfer don’t water your ficus tree for 2 days. It will allow the roots to strengthen. To stabilize the tree, you should put rocks at the bottom of your new pot, then soil around the base then at the roots.

If you have good understanding on Symmetry then you should be able to achieve an excellent bonsai ficus tree. Believe me, you’d find happines & satisfaction to what you do best.

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