Braided Ficus Tree

Since ficus tree is very sensitive to any outside environmental changes it is essential to understand the things to make it healthier and good-looking. Ficus tree is no doubt to be the most attractive indoor plant with beautiful and graceful branches while having glossy green foliage & pale grey bark. Braiding the trunks of a young and healthy ficus free together adds its being attractiveness. Braiding is done through not less than 3 trunks intertwined together to create a wonderful form and shape. Young ficus tree is very easy to braid because it has flexible and not easy to damage trunks. When you successfully braided the young ficus tree, it will eventually form a perfectly one larger braided trunk as the plant gradually grow.

How to Braid a Ficus Tree

  • A three and young ficus tree should be planted in a sturdy pot. It should be in the center of the pot and planted closely together. It is easy to braid a ficus tree trunk when the size is less than one inch in diameter but larger trunks can also be braided if they are supple. However, large possibility that it gets stressed and pressured.
  • Use the right gardening tools such as shears or pruners in removing any twigs that will interfere in your braiding. Get the soil lightly moist so watering the plant is essential.
  • A bamboo or wooden stake should be placed in each side of the pot and it should be tall enough to extend up.
  • Begin gently braiding from the bottom of the trunks. Cross each branch to one another until you reach the foliage part of your ficus tree. To avoid breaking the trunks do it a little loosely.
  • The end of the braid need to be secured with soft garden twine. When the ficus truck has grown 5-9 inches in a few months, continue braiding. The stakes should be replaced to a much taller ones.

Important Tips and Reminders

  • You can also braid branches and trunks of the same tree creating a very interesting effect. Remember to remove twigs that interfere in your braiding. It will surprise to to a much interesting effects.
  • When you accidentally break the branch, secure the secure the joint with duct or grafting tape while placing the broken end together. When it is fully healed within a 6-month period, then it’s a good time to remove the tape.

Taking Care of your Braided Ficus Tree

  • You have to thoroughly water the ficus tree. When you feel that the top of the soil is dry, water the plant gently until the water runs through the drainage hole. Remember not to let the soil become bone dry.
  • The braided ficus tree should be place in full sunlight or moderate sunlight in a full 6-hours everyday.
  • Feed your plant with liquid-fertilizer but you should dilute the solution.
  • To control the size of your braided ficus tree, pruning is essential.

braided ficus tree
braided ficus tree