Ficus Tree Care

A ficus tree is popularly known as a figs or fig trees which can normally be found in tropical regions where temperature are warmer that enjoys high humidity. In order to properly take good care of your Tree, you first need to understand it’s important characteristic. This indoor Tree is very sensitive to climate changes such as the amount of water to apply and light the it gets. This tree is part of a woody fig trees and a shrub family that has a unique pollination process involving a specific wasps called as the fig wasps. This type of tree is usually multi-stem and to support it’s growth, it may drop and aerial roots. It generally produce fruits 2 times a year for over a decade which are cultivated for its vitamin A and C contents. In tropical rainforest, their fruits are major food resource for some bats, birds, capuchin monkeys and mangabeys. It is one the common and most desirable indoor plant because their shapes can easily be controlled and trained. Due to seasonal change, it will shed leaves as it’s survival mechanism that’s why most people complained about leaves turning yellow then fall off leaving and empty branches. It doesn’t look good anymore, that’s why proper care is crucial. Here are Some of the Best Practices to Properly Care of your Indoor Tree

  • ¬†Throughout the growing season, you have to fertilized your indoor tree except in winter with a liquid fertilizer.
  • Place it at the right place. Away from any header vents, opening doors and windows as it can easily be stress.
  • Over watering is no-no. When it turns yellow, never ever give too much water to your plant. Most people do the opposite when the leaves color suggests but the best practice is to use your fingertip to feel the surface of the soil. It is best to allow the soil to dry before watering again.
  • Give it a mist at least 2 times a day and provide the right humidity.
  • A filtered bright light is good. An area where it gets a direct sun is a NO but an early-morning and late-afternoon sun is totally fine. Ideal temperature is 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 65 degrees at night.
  • Maintain your ficus shape and control it’s growth by pruning. Control the height of your plant by cutting cutting some stems forcing a new growth.

A well-grown and properly maintain indoor plant can give you the right inspiration to continue plant cultivation as it gives you too much satisfaction.